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Technical benefits

Squid Cloud is the most flexible backend-as-service platform in the market, offering an 80% reduction in time and cost for enterprise feature development.
As the ultimate enterprise backend-as-a-service platform, Squid Cloud frees developers from the intricacies and complexities of backend management, allowing them to focus on features rather than mundane and time-consuming infrastructure and data pipelines.

Seamless scalability

  • Scalable backend services that natively supporting databases like MongoDB and Postgres and eliminate the need for custom backend solutions.

Effortless integrations

  • Instantly connect with any database, API, or data warehouse across any cloud environment including private clouds and on-premises setups with built-in integrations.

Schema auto-discovery

  • Simplify data handling with Squid's intelligent schema auto-discovery, removing the complexities of Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) and providing a ready-to-use data collection SDK.

Built-in GenAI and real-time streams

  • Deploy real-time chatbots and ensure immediate data updates with our GenAI retrieval augmented generation (RAG) pipeline and event-driven architecture, minimizing latency and streamlining data streams.

Serverless and scalable

  • Embrace a serverless architecture with fully managed Kubernetes, ensuring auto-scaling is aligned with your traffic patterns, and eliminating DevOps or scaling challenges.

Inherently secure and compliant

  • Operate confidently with Squid's regional architecture, ensuring compliance with security standards like SOC 2 across any chosen region.

API creation, simplified

  • Create and integrate APIs with minimal coding using Squid's straightforward one-line code approach to API development.

Comprehensive, easy-to-use TypeScript SDKs

  • A rich set of features including Triggers, Queues, Schedulers, and more are all directly accessible to frontend developers to significantly reduce time and complexity.

Unified frontend integration

  • Achieve full-stack capabilities for external applications by seamlessly connecting databases to the middle-tier and frontend.

Advanced monitoring and custom integrations

  • Utilize Squid's built-in dashboards or integrate with popular tools like Datadog and for comprehensive monitoring and logging.

Cost-efficient development environment

  • Start for free with inclusive local, dev, and prod environments to support the development of your first app at no cost.

Simple, accessible frontend SDKs

  • Simplify frontend development with user-friendly SDKs for React and Angular, ensuring seamless interactions with APIs, backend functions, and data.

Flexible and incremental adoption

  • Integrate Squid's SDK into new or existing apps at your pace, choosing specific capabilities as needed.