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Squid can connect to a Snowflake database to serve as a data source for your Squid application.

Snowflake is designed to break down data silos within an organization, making it easier to collaborate over content with partners and customers. With Squid Cloud, you can integrate with your Snowflake databases and even join data with other database integrations.

To integrate your Snowflake database with Squid Cloud, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Squid Cloud Console and select your application to use with Snowflake.
  2. Click the Integrations tab, and then click Available integrations to view all integrations.
  3. Select the Snowflake integration.
  4. Provide the following configuration information:
  • Integration ID - Choose an ID that is brief and helps identify the integration.
  • Snowflake username
  • Snowflake password - to keep it private, store your password in Squid Secrets.
  • Snowflake account ID - Open the menu next to the Snowflake icon in the Snowflake console to view your full account ID. You can use the Copy account identifier button in Snowflake to copy the ID. In the Squid Cloud Console, paste this ID and replace the . with a - so the result will be the following: Before: AAAAAAA.AAA00000 After: AAAAAAA-AAA00000
  • Snowflake database name - The name of the database you're connecting. You can find the database name in the Data section of the Snowflake console.
  • Snowflake schema - The name of the schema you're connecting. You can find the schema name by selecting your database in the Snowflake console, and then clicking the Schemas tab.
  • Snowflake warehouse - The Snowflake warehouse name is found in the Snowflake console in the Admin tab. If you do not have access to the admin tab, you will need to ask your administrator for the name of the warehouse.
  • Snowflake role - The name of the role in which the Snowflake database is located. You can find the Snowflake role in the Snowflake console under your Snowflake username.

Once you've entered the connection information, click Test connection to verify that the connection is successful.

To learn how to work with Snowflake data in Squid, view the Client SDK documentation.

To learn more about Snowflake's network policies, check out the Snowflake documentation on network policies.

Want to see something cool you can build when you integrate with Snowflake? Check out this video on Squid AI queries with Snowflake!